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Mix and Match

Configure which VotePip elements to add for your needs. Include or exclude components including topics for consultation, proposals for next steps, elections, or an organizational assessment survey.

Voting for committees

If you need to choose people to fill a group, VotePip also has council level voting as well. Define how many positions you need to fill, and let your audience vote. The system excludes people already selected, so you cannot double vote for one person. Use for set up customer councils, community leaders, feature advisory groups, social media content contributors, or whatever else you need.

Voting for individuals

Do you need to pick an individual for some role or position at your meeting? Whether you are choosing a facilitator or a secretary for your discussion, or choosing people to appoint as a delegate or leader, you can quickly and easily configure it with VotePip.

Organizational Surveys

Understand how your organization is doing with an effectiveness survey. Include the standard VotePip provided questions, or add your own, to cover all the main aspects of your community’s health including communication, motivation, technology, autonomy, and more.

submit & rank topics

Ensure people are discussing the things that matter to your community at your meeting. Allow members to submit topics to consult about. Then let your community up-vote or down-vote those topics to rank them in order of importance.

submit & rank proposals

Ensure the most important initiatives get surfaced and prioritized for your organization. Allow members to submit proposals for things to work on and then let people up-vote or down-vote them to help sort them.

instant results

No waiting for anyone to count the votes and publish them. Ensure transparency and efficiency at your meeting. With VotePip’s meeting dashboard your community will know instantly if you have a winner, or if you need to re-open the voting because of a tie. Keep everything moving forward with instant results.

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“VotePip provides a complete toolkit for making your organization meetings more effective and efficient. With insightful organizational surveys, tools for quickly and easily selecting individuals for councils, suggesting topics for consultation, and offering proposals for taking action together.”
Nathan, Director of Product Management